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About Eureka!

"Eureka Recruiting exists to connect our clients with the right talent to bring their visions to life."

Eureka Recruiting is a customer-centric third-party permanent placement recruitment agency. We serve and partner with customers in multiple industries including Energy, Engineering, Technology, Transportation, Automation, Electrical, Project Management, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources (HR) and Corporate Headquarters Office & Support.

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Lower Your Hiring Risks! Get Great Results!

The right people can make all the difference in the world to your business.

According to Forbes, the U.S. Department of Labor puts the cost of a bad hire at 30% of the annual salary for that position. McKinsey and Co. states that hiring a “top performer” over an “average performer” yields up to 67% more productivity and profit.


Every hire is an investment in your business. There is nothing more crucial to the success of your business than getting the right people onboard and encouraging their growth in your company.


At Eureka Recruiting we offer recruiting solutions that match your business and make you successful. Are you searching for a way to confidentially fill a position? Need qualified technical or managerial talent? New field office? Start-up? Maybe you are experiencing fast-flowing growth? We serve as an extension of your company to maintain an ongoing recruiting process and talent pool on your behalf for a multitude of positions across many disciplines.


If your company is searching for qualified talent, Eureka Recruiting can be the partner that fills the gaps. Build your team today!

We know and work with the best talent in West Texas!

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Eureka Recruiting

We Serve!

Eureka Recruiting LLC, is a minority-owned private company based in Midland Texas.

We Build!

Eureka Recruiting adheres to the principles of Servant Leadership.

We Deliver!

Eureka Recruiting exists to serve our customers, partners, fellow employees, and our community.

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